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Dean is an Award-winning,  New Zealand based multi-disciplinary director/photographer - a visual storyteller.  When he's not filming digital content, he's taking photos.  It's safe to say he is happiest when working behind  - or near - a camera.  This hands-on approach has helped hone his ability to spot candid moments that usually go unseen.

The graphic visuals Dean creates, are designed to feel like impressions of a moment that, like a memory,  help form a visual connection.  He's renown for effortlessly working with the subject as this is where his true passion comes from.


Dean has over 20 years working with imagery and can concept and storyboard through to the finished result whether it's stills or motion.

He's a small team person - get the job done kinda guy.  It is all about the results -  a creative machine - efficient and fun.


His images have regularly appeared in Graphis and  Taschen Design publications and he's been awarded Silver and Bronze Lions for his work on Lego.


From brooding & emotional to colourful and exotic,  his work always stands alone for its unity between concepts, craft and technique.


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